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At Jaeger Vineyards, we provide knowledge, expertise and history in growing the finest Napa Valley wine-grapes.

  • In our vineyards, we are dedicated to the highest quality in our soils, cultural practices, rootstock and clonal selections.
  • In our business, our people provide unmatched service and attention to detail, having been in the wine business for over 40 years.
  • Our Vineyards + Our People give you the quality that you demand for your own commitment to making outstanding wines.

Our Mission

Year in and Year out, to be the highest quality wine-grape grower in the Napa Valley that excels in meeting the expectations
of our discerning customers.

Our History

It began in the late 1960's when William (Bill) P. Jaeger Jr. had a vision.  He saw 650 acres of land surrounding the intersection of Big Ranch Road and Oak Knoll Avenue and knew it would be ideal for the creation and development of fine-wine grapes. It takes a person of vision and Bill saw the beauty of the area and the Avenue that defined it.  Drive East or West on Oak Knoll Avenue from Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail and you experience what Bill and Gene Trefethen created when they planting walnut trees defining the avenue and framing the vineyards on either side.

With only a handful of wineries in the Napa Valley at the time, Bill and his business partners started Freemark Abbey Winery in 1967. Could they have really known what lay in store for the Valley over the next 40 years? With an entrepreneurial spirit, Bill and his partners began planting grapes that would allow Freemark Abbey to grow, yet within a matter of years, it was apparent that there would be more than enough grapes to begin a sister winery.

In 1976, this vision led Bill, his wife Lila and their four children Betsy, Billy, Jeff and Jack to purchase a recently established winery just east of the Silverado Trail in Rutherford.  Under their ownership, the winery was renamed Rutherford Hill Winery and flourished over the next 20 years of operation.  The winery continues to this day, known for its fabulous Merlots, wine caves and scented olive groves, overlooking the picturesque Napa Valley.

The Jaeger Family continues to follow their commitment and dedication to excellence in the community. The Family owns and farms over 225 acres and are involved in many businesses and projects that include improvements to the City of American Canyon, the Napa Valley Community Foundation, Barrel Associates International, Premier Wine Cask, Heritage Barrels and Jaeger Family Olive Oil.

Jaeger Vineyards Timeline

  • 1967: Freemark Abbey Winery is founded by Bill Jaeger and partners.
  • 1969: Bill moves his family to St. Helena in The Napa Valley. He selects and purchases a 650 acre parcel to plant vineyards in the Oaknoll district of the Napa Valley. Thus began Jaeger Vineyards.
  • 1975: Bill helps found the Napa Valley Vintners Association.
  • 1976: Rutherford Hill Winery founded. RHW becomes a leader and pioneer in the cultivation of Merlot grapes and
  • producer of world-class Merlot wine.
  • 1979: Jaeger Inglewood Winery is founded.
  • 1982: Jeff Jaeger becomes managing partner of Demptos Cooperage in Napa.
  • 1989: Jeff founds Barrel Associates International and becomes managing partner of RHW.
  • 1990: Chicago Herald Tribune names Bill, “The Godfather of Merlot in the Napa Valley.”
  • 1992-1996: Jeff becomes a founding board member of Family Winemakers of California.
  • 1993: Jeff is the chairman of the largest charity wine auction in the United States: The Napa Valley Wine Auction.
  • 2000-2007: Jeff establishes, operates and sells Coopersmill, an American Oak Stave Mill in Southern Indiana.

Our Vineyards

Matching varietal to terroir is essential to growing ultra-premium quality wine grapes. True to our mission, we farm two distinct properties to accomplish this. Click on the links below for the details of each vineyard.

Our vineyards are cultivated and farmed under the direction of Salvador Ramos who has been with the Jaeger Family for over 30 years. In a joint effort with Doug Hill & Oak Knoll Farming Company, we have developed a deep understanding of the relationship between the land and the fruit grown that only time can qualify.

Oak Knoll Vineyard

• Oak Knoll Vineyard, 5100 Big Ranch Road, Napa, CA 94558 •

Our Oak Knoll Vineyard is located at 5100 Big Ranch Road in the Oak Knoll District of the Napa Valley.

This vineyard is part of our original property. Located in "The Oak Knoll District of the Napa Valley", it is 78% Merlot and 22% Cabernet Sauvignon. This area is likened to the Pomerol area of Bordeaux and our results confirm it.

It was replanted between 1996 and 2002, is now beautifully mature, and up to full production. The soil is rich and well drained gravely loam; the Rootstock is mostly 101-14 for strength and resiliency; the Clone selections are diverse to provide complexity in flavor profiles.

The fruit exhibits a definite reflection of the earth from which it grows; rich and luscious, showing ripe berry, cherry and cassis flavors with the depth and complexity expected from one of the best Merlot growing regions in the world.

Create a new program for a vineyard designate or strengtihen your existing Napa Valley Meritage, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon programs.

  • Block 2 – 3.33 acrIes of Merlot (Clone 181) on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 3A – 3.08 acres of Merlot  (Clones 1,3,&6) on Clone 5BB rootstock
  • Block 3B – 4.42 acres of Merlot (Clone 3) on Clone 5C rootstock
  • Block 5 – 7.19 acres of Merlot (Clone Raucedo) with ½ on Clone 3309 and ½ on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 6 – 6.68 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (Clone 337) with ¼ on Clone 3309 and ¾ on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 7A – 1.73 acres on 5BB rootstock (will be budded to Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 337)
  • Block 7B – 7.52 acres of Merlot (Clone Raucedo)  on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 7C – 10.97 acres of Merlot (Clone 181) on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 8 – 14.87 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon on Clone 336 and 5C rootstock
  • Block 9 – 19.59 acres of Merlot (Clone 181 & Raucedo) on Clone 101-14 rootstock
  • Block 10A – 5.59 acres of Merlot (Clone 3) on Clone 5C rootstock
  • Block 10B – 10.11 acres of Merlot (Clone 181) with ¼ on Clone 5C and ¾ on Clone 101-14 rootstock

Clarke Ranch Road Vineyard

• Clarke Ranch Vineyard, 1250 Watson Lane, American Canyon, CA 94503 •

Our Clarke Ranch Vineyard is located at 1250 Watson Road in American Canyon.
CHARDONNAY, PINOT NOIR and Syrah thrive in the cool bay breezes.

Remember when you were a kid and you were trying to keep a secret but the sheepish grin on your face always gave you away? This vineyard gives our clients and us the same result.

This 80-acre ranch is a gem of a secret. Located in American Canyon, it is just outside of the Carneros region. The cooler, breezier climate and the rolling hills provide well-drained soils and the stress needed (to both the vines and the farming team) to get magical results. The growing time is slightly extended due to earlier bud-break in the spring and longer "hang-time" at harvest. The results are mature fruit flavors that stand out in a sea of wine grapes.

Marketers know the need for a point of distinction and that is exactly what you get from this tucked-away vineyard. Don't wait long to inquire as there is usually a waiting list.

It is planted in 80% Chardonnay, 18% Pinot Noir.

  • Block 1 – 31.9 acres – Chardonnay – Rootstocks are 101-14, 5BB, 5C, 101R, Schwartzman and the Varietal Clone for all acres is 76
  • Block 2P – 2.5 acres – Pinot Noir – Rootstock is 5C and the Varietal Clone is Pommard
  • Block 2S – 3.0 acres – Syrah – Rootstock is 5C and the Varietal Clones are 383 and 877
  • Block 3 – 5.2 acres – Pinot Noir – Rootstock is 1103 Paulson and the Varietal Clone is 32
  • Block 4 – 6.6 acres – Chardonnay – Rootstocks are 101-14 and 3309 and the Varietal Clone is Robert Young
  • Block 5 – 6.8 acres – Chardonnay – Rootstocks are 101-14 and 110R and the Varietal Clone is Robert Young
  • Block 6 – 4.0 acres – Chardonnay – Rootstock is 110R and the Varietal Clone is Robert Young
  • Block 8 & 9 – 4.9 acres – Chardonnay – Rootstocks are 101-14 and 1103 Paulson and the Varietal Clone is Wood

The People

The team of Jaeger Vineyards are always here for you.

Winery Customers

Our loyal customers include:

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• Trinchero Family (Sutter Home) • E & J Gallo • Delicato Family Vineyards •
• Stags Leap (Treasury Wine Estates) • Hill Family Estate •
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